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Often the subject of a photograph is hidden. And are these photographs straight or composited? For the most part they are straight. Here are some ambiguous photographs.

Bodhisattva Seriesmore_vert

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Bodhisattva Seriesclose

A Bodhisattva is a person cultivating supreme moral and spiritual perfection, to be placed in the service of others. To me, it is the person who can see the infinite and convey the experience to other humans. Occasionally it is an animal who conveys this information. The Greeks believe the crow was a messenger from the dead. If our eyes and ears are open, we can learn from these beings.

The Avedon Seriesmore_vert

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The Avedon Seriesclose

Richard Avedon was known for his portraiture of interesting people . The character of the person was always the subject. Likewise, the subjects in these images were chosen for the personalities.

Georgetown Power Plantmore_vert

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Georgetown Power Plantclose

A peek inside the Georgetown Power Plant. These are not composites but are heavily altered with filters.


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What has been composited, and what is real, just the way it was photographed? Images in this series attempt to blur the differences between those two, while creating their own individual universe.

Modernist Imore_vert

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Modernist Iclose

Since completing my Composite Series I have focused on a Modernist approach.


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A few photo's that don't fit in... Most of these are not composites.


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My father told me that I would lose a classmate when they turned 48 or 49. Then you will start losing them once a year after your 50th reunion. Since this has come to pass, my interest in cemeteries has increased for some reason